April 26, 2012

Today the leader of the Standing Committee on Health and Care Services, Bent Høie (The Conservative Party), raised the issue of HIV in Parliament.

A lot of good arguments and for the first time I got my own criminal case and person mention from the Speakers Chair in the Norwegian Parliament:

på norsk her:

"...Then it is a paradox that the social-liberal Norway still has an HIV-paragraph that is criminalizing HIV-positive people's sexuality. This has now been brought to a head by the public prosecutor who has brought charges against HIV-positive Louis Gay, who has not infected any other person and who conducted what we call "safer sex", which in reality is the health authorities' recommendations. I am aware that Syse-committee is now working on this issue, but it is still necessary to highlight this in this debate, because current criminal law works against prevention strategy and stigmatize HIV-positive people. I hope that today's debate could be the start of that we again have a strong political commitment to reducing new infections of HIV and to improve the lives of those who are HIV-positive - which in reality are two sides of the same coin." (translated by Louis Gay)